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NEWwoodworks – Trusting the process

White Stairs


Recently our fine woodworking division NEWwoodworks was involved in the renovation of a unique guesthouse on a property in New York State. The project reunited our team with Brad Hall of Element Design Build, our former long-time construction manager, whose team was heading up the homes redesign and renovation.

We caught up with Rob D’Alessandro who manages our woodworking division to talk about the unique look the woodworking took on during the remodel of the home, and how collaborating with trusted long-time partners on a project can lead to outstanding results.


White Stairs


Q: How did this project get started and what made it unique for NEWwoodworks ?

A: For our part in this renovation project, we took out the existing balcony railing and stairs, made some sizing and configuration changes (especially to the railing components), and replaced them with all new woodwork. The overall idea was to create a little privacy for the upstairs area by using the railing supports as a way to create a visually interesting detail that also acted as a screen of sorts. It was unique for our team because of the design, but also because we got to use a lot of white-on-white paint to achieve the effect.


White Stairs


White Stairs


Q: Why are there built-in cabinets under the stairs?

A: The cabinetry under the stairs was added to create some extra storage and make use of some space that otherwise would have been wasted. The team had a lot of fun with those because of the irregular shapes. Normally drawers are pretty straightforward rectangles, fitting in those triangle nooks was a blast. It is always nice to stretch ourselves like that, and with this project specifically the drawers, railings, and white paint were a great change of pace.


White Stairs


Q: What was it like working with Brad and his team at Element Design Build?

A: We love working with Brad Hall and his team at Element. After so many years working together at New Energy Works being able to re-connect with him on projects like this is just fantastic. He really put a lot of trust in us, our work, and our experience on this project.


White Stairs


Q: Why is this project important to you and your team?

A: When you collaborate on projects with partners you know really well, like Brad and his team, there is a level of trust that exists there. That trust allows for ideas that are really good on paper but need to be engineered, built, and installed to work. Having solid relationships with partners and clients that are built on trust is important to all of us at NEWwoodworks, and this project truly reflects that.

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