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High Performance Enclosures

One of the best ways to reduce the energy of a space is special consideration to the planning and construction of the project envelope. Our pre-panelized, semi-automated, high-performance enclosure system (we’re calling it HPE-Z) is the latest evolution of our Matrix Wall ™. The systems are customizable to your project allowing your wall and roof components to be designed and crafted with the planet in mind in the USA. We also sequence and raise our HPE-Z systems should you need. Let’s talk HPE-Z. 

The team that puts together the thousands of separate components of a finished house for our GC projects is the same group that crafts and can install our high-performance enclosure systems. 

Whether it is simply the roof sheathing on a pavilion or the insulating roof and walls of a lived-in structure, these highly efficient integrated walls and roof components can be incorporated into timber framing or traditional framing projects. 

Our enclosure services can supplement labor on site and save a project time, always with the same results: When our enclosure team leaves, the structure standing is enclosed, detailed with floppy bits, vapor barriers, tapes, sealants, and more, ready for the local trades to finish. 

New Energy Works High Performance Enclosure Layered Wall System