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High Performance Enclosures

One of the best ways to reduce the energy of a space is special consideration to the planning, materials, and construction of the building envelope. Our pre-panelized wall and roof systems are customizable to your project. Using semi-automated tooling, good old-fashioned experience and know-how, welcome to High Performance Made Easier™ (we’re calling it HPEz). This is the latest evolution of our Matrix Wall™ which we have designed and crafted in the USA with the planet in mind for over 15 years.

Our enclosure services can help supplement labor and fast-track the installation of the shell on your project, saving time on site. Using modern software, we digitally design each component helping to identify and coordinate on some of the trickier interaction details prior to installation. Panels arrive with detailed sequencing and installation plans for the enclosure system. The base Matrix Wall is an open cavity with 2x framing, structural sheathing, continuous outboard wood fiber insulation, a weather-resistive and vapor-control layer, rain screen, and strapping all pre-installed; meaning each panel is ready for the local trades to set, fit, and finish in far less time than traditional on-site framing. We also install our HPEz systems should you need. Let’s talk HPE-Z. 



Crafting HPEz systems:
Our construction team who puts together thousands of separate components to create a finished home, also craft our enclosures. This group includes coworkers who interpret plans, manage a million details, swing a hammer, and operate precise tooling for the HPEz line, always working as a team. They work closely with our engineering team as each multi-layered wall is created virtually using building modeling software. 

Why offsite construction:
Creating these systems off-site allows for a climate-controlled environment, reduction in material waste, and increase in accuracy and efficiency of enclosure production. Offsite construction means our teams work in a safer environment, lowers the risk of weather-related hardships, and decreases environmental impacts of production. Plus, it's what we know. We're applying decades of experience in creating turnkey timber frame structures–crafted in our shop and raised on-site–to upgrading and improving our prefabricated wall systems as we have been for over a decade. 



Although we have a base Matrix Wall system, we're able to adapt our systems to the best of our ability to meet your project's needs. All are highly efficient, integrated wall and roof components that can be incorporated with a timber frame or traditional framing project. The HPEz systems focus on reducing the energy a project consumes, not only to the benefit of those enjoying the home or business, but to the larger community and the planet.


See Our Wall System Breakdown Here.