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Want more detail about timber frame home design, the costs of timber frames, or sustainable building practices & materials? You've come to the right place. With our webinar and learning series you can sit in on conversations with the New Energy Works team, and other industry experts, to learn about trends and details in timber framing, building, and design.

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Timber Frame Webinars -- Drake Talks -- New Energy Works

What really makes your project are the conversations that happen with our team. Get a peek into this experience with our Drake Talks Webinar Series. Drake Ambrosino chats with leaders in the New Energy Works crew about custom design, how to choose a timber frame partner, the cost of building a timber frame home, the New Energy Works ethos, and more.

The Home Within You



Drake talks to the Architects at New Energy Works, Ty Allen, AIA and David Shirley, AIA about how to begin concepting your custom timber frame home.

Models First, Please



Drake talks to Eric Fraser and Justin Jaycox about how the timber frame design itself comes to be, why we spend time up front 3D modeling your frame, and what happens after.

We Cut It, We Raise It



Drake talks to Darren Watson and Jonathan Taylor about why we are craftspeople first, and why the same people who cut your frame, raise your frame.

Company As Community



Drake talks to Megan Avila and Jonathan Orpin Founder & President of New Energy Works about timber frame companies as community, ethos, and being guided by more than profit.

Gosh, What's This Gonna Cost Anyway?



Drake talks with Ty Allen, AIA and Eric Fraser about the many factors that impact custom home cost, and how to begin to plan for budget talks with your design + build partner.

This Tiny Blue-Green Pearl



Drake talks to Ty Allen AIA and Jonathan Orpin Founder & President of New Energy Works about sustainable building, our high-performance envelope system, and creating a home with the planet in mind.

New Energy Works Webinar Designing to Cool the Climate



Join us as we explore beyond zero: architecture is just starting to take on its role as climate healer by transforming buildings from massive carbon emitters into effective carbon sponges. The technology already exists, and gets better every day; build with plants, wood, and emissions we retrieved from the air. Bring the carbon home in buildings made from the sky.

Author, engineer, advisor, green building expert, and international speaker, Bruce King (The New Carbon Architecture), David Arkin AIA—Arkin Tilt, and Jonathan Orpin–Founder/President of Pioneer Millworks will share how our building material choices can positively impact our climate