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Events & Raisings

Welcome to the ‘what we’re up to’ page, listing upcoming raisings, jobs of note, and other events. If you’re near one of our events, we’d love to meet you. Drop us a line or call for directions and specific times. Where timber frame post and beam raisings are concerned, they usually draw a crowd and offer a chance to witness the culmination of months of painstaking effort. Because of the significance of the event, many of our clients mark the occasion with friends and family, and often welcome those just interested in seeing a raising. We were honored when Nan and Bill Horton chose us to build their home. We celebrated with them at their 4th of July raising and hog roast. As soon as the last peg was driven into John Haines’ timber frame barn, his son’s wedding party streamed in, the band struck up and the dancing began.

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Upcoming Events
Portland, OR

The International Mass Timber Conference is the largest gathering of mass timber experts in the w


A Chronogram Conversation presented by Upstate House and in partnership with Passive House Allian

Corvallis, OR

Sponsored by Electrify Corvallis, a nonprofit that informs homeowners and businesses about innova

Rochester, NY

Join us and Climate Solutions Accelerator for their two day Climate Solutions Summit!

Burlington, VT

Interested in learning about modern timber building trends from the leading experts?

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