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New Energy Works Campus—Farmington, NY

Timber frames, custom home designs, and high-performance enclosures crafted right here in the New York Finger Lakes.

New Energy Works New York and Finger Lakes Timber Frame Homes

Our Farmington campus in the lush Finger Lakes Region of NY is home to over 60 of our coworkers. It is the place on the East Coast for our clients and partners to gather with us to innovate, create, collaborate, and see our folks in action. Across the 13-acre expanse you’ll find our timber frame office and showroom, timber frame shop, fine woodworking shop, and high-performance enclosure shop, plus our wood yard. We love showing folks around, call us to make a visit.

New Energy Works Farmington Campus

New York Timber Frame Campus

Since first repurposing an old bowling alley and raising the frame for our office/showroom in the mid 90s, we’ve kept adding on. The shop space includes a Hundegger CNC, overhead cranes, a big band saw for cutting our famous curves, and plenty of timber sawhorses to support multiple projects at once. Craftsmen hand-finish the joinery of each timber and often enhance the exposed wood surfaces with various applied textures and colors.

Just across the back lot from our timber frame shop, you’ll find our fine woodworking division, NEWwoodworks in the first complete CLT building in NYS. Fitted for timber frames or other fine homes, this team crafts highly detailed doors, cabinetry, stairs, tables, and other pieces within the wooden walls.

Our newest building on campus is home to our High-Performance Enclosures or HPEz line. Here carpenters and operators make pre-fabricated walls, floors, and roof systems for projects. Closely married to this team is our construction team. While they are on campus now and then, mostly you’ll find them on a local jobsite, putting together the thousands of separate components to create a finished custom home.

Our sister company, Pioneer Millworks–maker of sustainable and reclaimed wood flooring, paneling, siding, and timbers–has their folks working alongside ours in the office/showroom, and their wood mill connecting to our timber frame shop. When you visit, you’re sure hear the buzz of the molder, catch the action of various saws, and see the finesse of finishing each plank along the way to the timber frame shop.

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1180 Commercial Drive
Farmington, NY 14425

If you’re a visitor using technology and you want to find us on the first try use:  Comfort Inn 6026 NY-96, Farmington, NY 14425. Commercial Drive is our mailing and large load delivery address. If you're not a big truck and end up at the back of our lot, that's okay! Drive all the way on through to our offices (just follow the signs on our buildings).



(585) 924-3860


Justin Jaycox, East Coast Projects: c. (585) 626-2472   |

Drake Ambrosino, Midwest Projects: c. (734) 260-5045  |

Marc Schaertl, Southeast Projects: c. (585) 738-0692  |

Rob D'Alessandro, NEWwoodworks: o. (585) 924-3860  |

Bryan Bleier, High-Performance Enclosures (HPEz): o. (585) 924-3860  |

Eric Fraser, COO: c. (585) 797-3257  |

Jonathan Orpin, Founder & CEO: