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What We Do:

From our studio-shops in New York and Oregon we design, craft, and build custom homes, buildings, and enclosures throughout North America. To learn more about past projects, our team, our ethos, or locations  be sure to delve deeper. We love a good conversation and look forward to hearing from you!


This is our genesis and our heart. We have spent three decades creating a balance of craft, efficiency, and engineering. We are focused on delivering the best timber frame in the industry. And deliver is the key word. The craftsman who fabricate your posts and beams are those who raise it anywhere in the United States. Learn more


Whether you are the designer or architect, come to us with a professional design, or hire us to design your project, it all starts here. Your project is too important, your program too unique. Learn more


Walking our talk is our DNA. We have over 30 years of General Contracting experience in selected projects. This is a joy, and more importantly, a continual education from new technologies, improved job management, and, you bet, smart and challenging clients. We incorporate all of this into our work, and you benefit at whatever level of Build you need us for. Learn more


A new catch phrase, but one we appreciate. It correctly tags the use of glue laminated timbers, (glulams), sometimes in conjunction with cross laminated timbers (CLT’s), a well established European technology finally reaching the US. New Energy Works built the first complete CLT/timber building in New York state and has proven well matched to work in this medium. Learn more


We call this group NEWwoodworks, and for 20 years these craftsmen have fabbed the finest and most challenging cabinetry, doors, stairs, and furniture. It was a natural evolution, bringing this added skill and consistency to our projects and clients. Learn more


Perhaps our most passionate filter, everything we do is based on the premise that we have but one earth, and it needs us to do better. We have pre-panelized our energy efficient wall system, the Matrix Wall™, since 1993, and have been involved with over 2,000,000 square feet of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). For 2020 we are introducing new semi-automated equipment to make high performance even easier. Learn more

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