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Mass Timber

Partnering with builders and architects around the country to incorporate mass timber into their projects is our specialty. Whether it be crafting curved glulams for a residential timber frame home, manufacturing and installing commercial glulams for industrial spaces, or sequencing and raising Cross Laminated Timbers (CLTs), our crew of craftsman work to make your project go smoothly from start to finish. Let’s talk timber technology. 


Mass Timber, a catch phrase perhaps, but one that encompasses big–unnaturally so at times– “timbers” including glulams and CLTs. Glulams are an engineered, layered wood product so akin to solid timbers to our artisans that crafting, assembling, transporting, and raising glued laminated trusses is second nature. We give the same care, craft, and detail to your glulam project, or integrated glulam, as we do to our regular timber frame projects. Our design & engineering teams can help celebrate the natural, visible layered look of the glulam wood surface—highlighting the linear nature of the heavy timber. Or the look of your glulam can be drastically changed by adding custom finishes like paints, stains, and additional textures. If you’re integrating glulams with traditional timbers, we can grain-match so that visually the two seamlessly blend.

CLT’s, or Cross Laminated Timbers, are a well-established European technology finally reaching the US. To put it simply, a CLT is like a giant piece of plywood. They are a wood panel product made from gluing together layers of solid lumber. These project are fast becoming some of our favorites. Because the skillsets and sequencing of installation for CLTs is similar to timber framing, we’re able to bring the orchestration from our heavy timber work to your CLT jobsite. From detail engineering, design services for CLT, or an installation partner—if you have complicated assemblies or small to mid-size CLT spaces, give us a call 


Your Craftsman

A combination of engineers and timber framers work on our mass timber projects. Mass timber is so akin to solid timber; crafting, assembling, transporting, sequencing, and installation is second nature to this crew.