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Timber Frame

Timber framing is our heart, it’s the craft we’ve been honing for more than 30 years. A day at a raising still lifts a lot more than a post and beam. The process of timber framing starts with design. If you’re already working with an architect or design professional then you’ll talk with our timber engineers. If you don’t yet have a design partner, you’ll chat with our design & build team. Either way, we can be your timber frame partner, integrating into your project as needed. Let’s talk timber.

Our engineers are a collaborative bunch, able to incorporate heavy timber into current projects or projects that are still a dream. They work alongside architects, builders and owners with the goal of producing a beautiful timber frame that highlights volumes while becoming an element unique to your project. Have a complicated frame? This team likes finding new approaches and working through challenges as we estimate.

Traditional mortise and tenon joinery is our passion and we’re often enhancing the traditional with custom textures, finishes, forged steel elements, and at times, the character inherent in reclaimed or salvaged timbers. Our work is eclectic, including: homes, outdoor spaces, party and working barns, commercial buildings, and public spaces across North America. 

The design and engineering process will result in a set of timber frame shop drawings, and it's these that our craftsmen will work from as they select timbers, cut joinery, and finish each post, beam, and brace. After you've committed to your design, we'll work out a schedule and you'll see our timberwrights turning up on your site, prepared to raise your frame. We're adamant that no job leaves our shop without a raising crew (once you see the complexity of the work that goes into a frame, you'll understand why). We actually go one step further than this and will send out the same guys who cut the joinery, so that the knowledge gained about your project while it was in the shop accompanies it to the site.

Case Studies

The stories of how our services can be paired together or woven into your project. All of our work is custom, but feel free to use these case studies as inspiration.

Our Timber Frame Team

From designers and engineers to the shop and then onsite raising, these craftsmen know each frame in detail. As founding members of the Timber Framers Guild, and with teams in both New York and Oregon, we’re able to help at even the most difficult projects at the craziest sites.