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When our clients are looking for a building partner to bring their ideas to fruition, especially in the high performance building space, we bring our highly-skilled carpenters and project managers on site. Whether it be enclosing your project  or taking on a few full General Contracts, our build services offer you access to a partner centered on success.

GC Details:
When working a general contracting project, our build team are the guys who'll schedule the project, give you a detailed cost breakdown, procure windows, doors, roofing, and finish materials; they'll supervise any subcontractors involved and see to a multitude of details. You'll see them day to day on site and because they too are wizards with wood, they'll install your interior walls, floors, trim and just about everything else that goes into a making a house, a home. Typically, our GC projects are within an hour of our Farmington, NY headquarters. The exact specifications reviewed and developed in our design process provide the playbook for this team. 

Much of our design and construction planning and execution focuses on reducing the energy our projects consume not only to the benefit of those enjoying the home, but to the larger community and planet. If you’re interested in a High Performance Enclosure, we’ve aimed to make it HPEZ


Let’s talk about a building partnership

Case Studies

The stories of how our services can be paired together or woven into your project. All of our work is custom, but feel free to use these case studies as inspiration.

Our Build Team

Carpenters and project managers of the highest caliber, this team takes their work seriously with a singular goal to make your project the best they’ve done yet.