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The Solar Canopy

Vermont & New York

Combining solar with timber framing? We’re in. We’ve teamed up with SunCommon, a certified B-Corp offering solar and other clean energy solutions throughout Vermont and New York's Hudson Valley region, to bring their innovative Solar Canopy to life.

These structures are making solar even easier to add to businesses and homes. Covering parking areas, patios, woodpiles, gathering spaces – this combo energy producer and structural shelter’s uses are nearly limitless.

According to SunCommon’s calculations, a two-car bi-facial panel canopy generates enough solar power for the average Vermont home. Designed to take advantage of snow, they use glass solar panels on the Canopies that absorb light from both the front and the back thanks to Sunpreme bi-facial solar panels. If the Canopy is covered with snow on top, the underside of the panels will still produce power from the sunlight reflected off the snow-covered ground. Providing shelter, making the most of inclement weather, and offsetting energy demands–yes, please!

We’re pre-crafting each frame and we’ve worked extensively with the builder partners for SunCommon to make raisings smooth and efficient.

Solar continues to gain popularity and we couldn’t be happier to see this clean energy resource used. We’re on board with SunCommon’s mission “…to tear down barriers to clean energy and use our business as a force for good”.

"New Energy Works has been a valued partner to help us fulfill our mission of breaking down barriers to clean energy. Many of our residential solar customers have roofs that are shaded or yards that aren't a good fit for our traditional products. We debuted our timber frame Solar Canopy in 2017, and our customers love it for its multi-purpose functionality and beauty. We've really appreciated New Energy Works' technical expertise, responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to meet or exceed expectations on the lead time of their product. They are an awesome group of people to work with and we look forward to many more years of close collaboration to bring more solar to our communities." Jarred Cobb, Director of Operations for SunCommon

*Photos courtesy of SunCommon.