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NYS First Complete CLT Building

Farmington, NY

In early 2017 work began on the first complete CLT building in New York on our East Coast company campus. This 21,000 sqft building now houses our NEWwoodworks fine woodworking group, as well as semi-conditioned storage for our sister company Pioneer Millworks.

The project combines the strength of mass (glulam) timbers and heavy solid Douglas fir timbers with CLT panels, utilizing a timber frame wrapped by CLT walls and topped by CLT roof panels. The panels arrived from Austria, shipped by sea (which had about half the carbon impact in comparison to shipping by land across the US or from Canada) with pre-cut openings for windows and doors. These panels were made using smaller Spruce trees from sustainably managed forests in the EU. The panels averaged 8 feet tall and 38 feet long at 3 ¼ and 3 ¾ inch thickness.

In the center of the woodworking portion is a broadleaf maple from Oregon, a structural found-form tree with bark (read about this tree, affectionately named Atlas, on our blog). It was hand-carved and fitted by our timber frame team, installed during raising, and acts as an homage to the source of most of the building material. Raising the frame and installing the panels (walls and roof) for this project took just under three weeks.

This building is insulated using wood-fiber insulation. These panels offer 3.5R per inch, are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, and are another carbon sink. For each 1 m3 used, up to 1 tonne of CO2 is bound within the product.

Completed in late 2017, this commercial workspace also features radiant heat, peg laminated timber overhangs, and a CNC-cut tree feature window.

See more on the raising and the ribbon cutting on our blog and see a fun video of the whole structure with a little dance as the last panel went into place