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Deerfield Golf and Country Club

Brockport, NY

In its heyday during the 1950s, Craig Hill was one of the preeminent country clubs in the Rochester area. Challenging holes drew some of golf’s most renown players. Fast forward a number of years later, and the new owners, Paul and Claudia, have committed to not only restoring the legacy of the course, but of the facilities as well, which had fallen into disrepair. The existing 28,000 square foot clubhouse was renovated and rebranded as Deerfield Golf & Country Club.

The interior layout of the club was re-designed, stripped to the bones and rebuilt to include amenities such as modern ballrooms and a new bar-restaurant. A new timber framed porte cochere receives golfers and wedding parties alike. Exterior porches engage the landscape, framing fairway views while bringing spectators close to the action. 16" x 16" Douglas fir timber posts and 12" x 12" beams were rough sawn and custom finished to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for each porch.