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Circle in a Square

Bridgewater, CT

The broad stroke design of this home harkens to sap houses and agricultural structures of the Northeast which inspired the inclusion of a clerestory, cylindrical silo-like stairwell, and site-harvested stone. It was important for the family of five to have a central living space that felt settled and intimate while being able to host guests. The resulting 36’ x 36’ great room is characterized by its “circle in a square” frame that is the core to the overall basket-like structure. Lower volumes are created, and dimensionality is woven in with arched timber brackets and curving lines. The curves and arches were realized with a combination of double sawn solid timbers and grain-matched glulams

I cannot imagine a day when I will stop smiling at this.” – Shannon, homeowner

Neither my temperament nor my history with Fine Homebuilding inclines me to be impressed by trophy houses, the place is impressive. Your designers and framers did an amazing job—craftsmanship on the highest order.” – Kevin Ireton, writer and former publisher of Fine Homebuilding Magazine.

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