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When Vogue Magazine listed the most anticipated hotel openings for 2020 there was a rumble through our community. The magazine cited properties in Paris, Palm Beach, Palermo and…Canandaigua Lake, a mere 10 miles from our Farmington NY campus–The Lake House, a project we were already intimately familiar with.


The Sandbar located in the Canandaigua, NY
We want to help people understand what hospitality truly means. We want to set a new standard of taking hospitality and guest experience to a level never before seen,” shared project manager/developer, Bill Caleo in a Finger Lakes Times article. Bill is co-founder of The Brooklyn Home Company and grandson of Marvin and Micky Sands of Canandaigua Wine Co. and then Constellation Brands.


Timber Frame Barn in Oregon by New Energy Works

Situated in the good company of wineries near the Willamette River is a family plot with views for days. It also happens to house a New Energy Works timber frame home from 2019.

Timber Frame Home in Oregon by New Energy Works
Ric at his house raising day in 2019.


Timber Frame Barn in Oregon by New Energy Works

This past week timber framers Darren, Dana, Jorge, Seth, and Yoshi—with Kelsey and Jonathan in tow from the design studio—made their way back to raise a barn.

Timber Frame Barn in Oregon by New Energy Works
Jorge setting up crane slings so the timbers can be hoisted into place.


Timber Frame Barn in Oregon by New Energy Works
Back to front: Seth, Darren, Jonathan, Dana, getting ready to pull up the first wall section.

Timber Frame Barn in Oregon by New Energy Works

New Energy Works Logo from the 80-90s
Arguably the first New Energy Works logo, when solar was still a part of our business.

There are times when we take a moment and say, “wait—where are we going?” and maybe we add in a little “how the heck did we get here?” and potentially “who are we?”.

Questions arise as a company grows. New folks come with new ideas. The previous generation becomes the teacher to the new. The industry evolves. Technology changes capabilities. Trends affect style, style affects clients (or is it the other way around?). The planet cries mercy and business decisions are influenced.

How then, with all of this movement and change, could this snippet of your company, THE LOGO, possibly stay the same forever?

New Wnergy Works Logo 80-90s
The second New Energy Works logo, when Timberframers was added to the logo. In this case the Housewrights & Joiners was on the back of the t-shirt—a two-part logo.


New Energy Works Early Brochure
An early version of our print newsletter showing the early New Energy Works logo.