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Passive House Enclosure: Partnering for the Future



Our HPEz (High Performance Made Easier™) team has been busy in the past year crafting and installing enclosure systems for numerous projects throughout the country. In addition to designing our own High-Performance enclosure systems, on select projects we offer off-site manufacture of panelization systems as a subcontractor.

One of those projects is a Pre-Certified Passive House near Philadelphia PA where our team partnered with Holzraum System to manufacture and install their Holzraum XP20 Wall Systems on a home designed by architect Macht Architecture and built by Hanson Fine Homebuilding. Our team also installed the floor and roof system on site as well, focusing on the intricate panel joining process to ensure the home meets Passive House thermal envelope standards.




“Holzraum System came to us with this project, they did the 3D computer model configurations of the enclosure and other components. Once they had it in architectural drawings, we helped them break it into panel sections for manufacturing in our HPEz shop,” Kevin Gilbert, Construction Superintendent from our team told us.


The Holzraum XP20 wall systems, which is a wall assembly comprised of 2x8 framing, ZIP system sheathing to the interior with a 2x3 service cavity. The exterior is continuous 60 mm Steico Wood Fiber Insulation, Solitex Mento Plus, and 1x3 rainscreen battens, the walls are pre-insulated with Hemp batts.⁠


“I think that the importance of this project is the sustainability of the design, we are building a home that is going to take less resources to function and maintain, and it should be a longer lasting home because of that,” Kevin said. “We pre-panelized the floor, roof, walls, everything that we possibly could in our Farmington shop. Our team weaved intelligent fabrics all through the system so that we could handle air filtration and make it a passive level house. The project location is near Philadelphia PA where we installed the wall panels, roof, and floor systems. It was a fun job; we were down there for 26 weeks straight!”




Holzraum System works with architects, builders, and manufacturers specializing in the translation of an architect’s design intent into manufacturing drawings and providing integrated clash detected production models, acting as a deep coordinator between an architect and offsite manufacturing factories (like our HPEz shop on this project).

“We are super involved in the front end of a project like this during the modeling phase working closely with the architect,” explained Ilka Cassidy, Certified Passive House Consultant with Holzraum System. “We were also the Passive House consultant on this home, doing the energy modeling for the structure.”




Holzraum System has an extensive background is in Passive House and High-Performance buildings, specifically in buildings with a low carbon footprint in terms of operational efficiency, but also the embodied carbon of materials and production. They are very focused on using natural materials that have as low a carbon cost associated with them as possible on their projects.




This project is currently Pre-Certified as a Passive House as it nears completion and recently passed its first blower door test that in part determines the effectiveness of the enclosure system and efficiency of the home. Working with Holzraum System in the manufacturing and installation of the Holzraum XP20 Wall Systems has strengthened the relationship between them, our HPEz manufacturing shop, and our construction group.

“This project helped to develop a relationship with New Energy Works that is ongoing,” Steve Hessler, Certified Passive House Consultant with Holzraum System shared. We are currently working on a new workshop building project together in New Jersey that has a 2000sqft integrated Timber Frame with our roof and wall assemblies as well as a corresponding home on the same site.“


Steve Hessler & Ilka Cassidy  from Holzraum System on site