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Integration is at the heart of what we do. You can choose to work with one, all, or a combination of our services--whatever your project requires.


Timber Frame
Design + Build
High Performance Enclosures
Mass Timber
Fine Woodworks

Timber framing is at our core, it’s the craft we’ve been practicing for 30+ years. We look forward to being your timber frame partner. Click here to learn more about our timber frame services.


Our design + build team focuses on creating custom structures specifically for your site, your family, and your needs. We can help make your project a reality. Click to learn more about Design or read details about our Build capabilities.

Our multi-layered, integrated wall and roof system brings high-performance to your project. We’re calling it HPE-Z. Click here to learn more about our High Performance Enclosures.

Custom crafting with glu-lams and Cross Laminated Timbers (CLTs) allows us to bring our skill sets and sequencing expertise to your projects. Click here to learn more about mass timber.

mass timber

It was a natural evolution bringing fine woodworking to our in-house design clients and partners’ projects. Click here to learn more about NEWwoodworks

Case Studies

The stories of how our services can be paired together or woven into your project. All of our work is custom, but feel free to use these case studies as inspiration.

In 2018 we became an Employee-owned company (ESOP) and though we’ve always run like our coworkers were our stock-holders, it feels right to be a reality. These are the faces behind our projects and the stories about where they come from.

Upcoming Events

Join us at our next upcoming events, timber frame raising, or tradeshow.

Postcard of the day

"In 1990 or so the town of Clifton Springs came to us with an old photo and a painting of a once proud pavilion that had been torn down (with great effort, we were told) to make way for a parking lot.  They wanted it back.  Twenty plus years later it’s still beautiful and strong, built of reclaimed timber that became the start of Pioneer Millworks, and the beginning of a long journey re-sawing salvaged wood."