Below are typical truss designs we work with. While all of our truss and roof systems are created to specifically fit your needs, it is a good idea to have an idea on where to start. Click through our images here to see different variations on these standard designs. A stamped set of drawings from our in-house engineering department can be included with any truss or roof system package.

Standard Truss Designs

King Post Truss

Although the most basic of truss styles, the king post is very efficient particularly when a ridge beam and rafter system is used over the top. This truss allows various design details including curved or raised bottom chords, diagonal struts, and more.

King post timber truss
Queen Truss

Rather than one main post, there are two. In this truss style larger spans can be achieved using shorter timbers. It also allows for greater architecture detail. The queen post design is commonly found over the fireplace in great rooms or flanking central windows. In lieu of a single ridge, this truss is better suited to carrying a pair of timbered purlins.

Queen post timber truss
Scissors Truss

A more cathedral or lifted look is achieved with the angled bottom chords that lap in the center of the scissor truss. Critical to the structure of this truss is the center king post. This post can have varied end details by running through or stopping short in the truss. With its angled timbers this truss style is well suited to a higher roof pitch (6 in 12 or greater).

Scissors timber truss
Parallel Chord or Bridge Truss

This classic truss design is very useful in carrying great loads and spanning long distances. With the top and bottom chords running parallel we've added twist, offering matched curved bottom chords. The curves can be created from a single laminated piece or multi-segmented where the posts run all the way through.

Parallel Chord or Bridge Truss
Everything Else

While we have some unique requests, our in-house design staff has come up with several designs of their own. If you haven't yet found what you're looking for these pieces should spark your imagination. With any design, roof pitch and span guide us in determining what truss style will be most effective and pleasing.

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