Textures & Finishes

Our typical finish is smooth planed on all sides with a final sanding after all the joinery and edge detailing are complete. For interior pieces a coat of polymerized linseed oil follows. On exterior pieces Cabot's Natural 3000 is applied. (Other Cabot colors can be seen at www.cabotstain.com and are available upon request.) Of course, timbers can be left un-oiled and receive their final finishing from you. Other surface textures are available for an additional fee including: sawn, scallop planed or wire-brushed.

Standard Timber Surface Finishes

Smooth Four Sides (S4S)


Smooth Four Sides timber, or S4S, finish detail
Chainsaw & Wire Brushed


Rough sawn timber finish detail
Distressed & Wire Brushed


Scalloped timber finish detail
Wire Brushed


Wire brushed timber finish detail


Distressed and Wire brushed timber finish detail
Wire Brushed & Rough Sawn


Rough sawn and wire brushed timber finish detail

Timber Corner/Edge Details

Radius or chamfer edges can be applied to timbers at no additional cost. Edging sizes are cut proportional to the primary visible face of the timber (an 8x10 timber would receive a 1" detail) but are typically 1/8" or 1/4" on all edges. As is our tradition for visual interest, all edging is stopped 4" from any timber-to-timber intersection.

Radius Detail

Radius edged timber detail

Chamfer Detail

Chamfer edged timber detail

Painted or Stained Trusses

On occasion we will paint trusses for exterior or interior applications per design specifications. Green and white tend to be common colors, blending or contrasting with the finished structure. Stain, typically brown, can be used to give timbers an aged and more uniform look.

Painted Exterior Truss

Painted exterior timber truss

Stained Interior Truss

Stained interior timber truss