Process Case Studies


The process of timber framing starts with design. If you're already working with a design professional, then you'll need to talk with our engineers; if you'd like to have your own set of plans drawn from your musings, then a chat with our architectural design group would be in order. The design process will produce a set of timber frame shop drawings, and it's these that our craftsmen will work from as they select timbers, cut joinery and finish each piece.

Most of our joinery is roughed out using a CNC machine. As each timberframer moves up through the shop, he's trained to use all the timber frame-specific tools ranging from huge circular saws, to chain-mortisers and planers; the CNC machine is treated in exactly the same way - it's just a slightly bigger, more expensive chisel.

Once joinery is roughed out, it needs to be finished by hand. Each timber is inspected and labeled with additional joinery laid out before being moved to the saw horses where the rough joinery is finished with traditional tools. Once joined, the timbers have radius and chamfer details added, then they're treated to a coat of food-grade finish oil.

Trusses, found-form work and frames involving our signature curved timbers are pre-assembled on the floor of the shop. Before shipping, each frame is stacked and banded for delivery to the client's site.

About two months after you've committed to your design, you'll see our timberframers turning up on your site, prepared to raise your frame. We're adamant that no job leaves our shop without a raising crew (once you see the complexity of the work that goes into a frame, you'll understand why). We actually go one step further than this and will send out the same guys who cut the joinery, so that the knowledge gained about your project while it was in the shop accompanies it to the site.

If you'd like to talk with a real person about timber framing post and beam structures give us a call, advice is always available and we like meeting new folks. If it's after hours, feel free to email us, we'll get back to you as soon as we're in the office.