New Energy Works Timberframers Large Span Gluam Trusses with Metal and Curved Bottoms

Glulams are so akin to solid timbers to our artisans that crafting, assembling, transporting, and raising glued laminated trusses is second nature. We give the same care, craft, and detail to your glulam project, or integrated glulam, as we do to our regular timber frame projects.

Our design & engineering teams can help you celebrate the natural, visible layered look of the glulam wood surface—highlighting the linear nature of the heavy timber.

New Energy Works Glulams with Custom Finish on Exterior Residential Home

Or the look of your glulam can be drastically changed by adding custom finishes like paints, stains, and additional textures.

New Energy Works Glulam Circle in a Square Timber Frame Home

If you’re integrating glulams with traditional timbers, we can grain-match so that visually the two blend seamlessly.

New Energy Works Timberframers Curved Glulams with Timber Frame in Residential Great Room

No matter your choice in options, we manufacture and treat glulams with the same precision as we do a full timber frame. We here to partner in your process—to seamlessly and smoothly integrate glulams into assorted projects. Give us a call or email us to chat about your project. See a gallery of our glulam projects here.