Past Timber Frame Events & Raisings

August 2015, Green Lakes Golf Course, Fayetteville, NY

Situated in the rolling terrain of the Green Lakes State Park, the Green Lakes Golf Course will feature two unique raising projects. The first is a timber-framed pavilion off of the course’s clubhouse complete with a custom stain, king post trusses resting on large plates, and braces to match the original drawings of the clubhouse.

The second is a roof structure for the Pro Shop expansion. The new roof rafters, tongue and groove ceiling, and rafter tails will all complement the existing characteristics of the building.

Join us on Green Lakes Road in Fayetteville, NY as we raise both frames for the course.

Please check back for details regarding the date(s) for this event. 

Location: Fayetteville, NY
Architect: Beardsley Design Associates
Builder: S.J. Thomas Co., Inc.