Past Timber Frame Events & Raisings

January 2018, Family Retreat in Fayston, VT

In January, the team will be working on the exterior components for this Vermont family retreat. 

Back in the fall, our team raised the lower level of a family retreat nestled on a hillside in Vermont, which we also had the privilege of designing. The material for this project is kiln dried Douglas fir, and the lower level has flitch beams which are timber and steel sandwiched together. With all the timbers raised, our team will moved on to installing the Matrix walls and SIP enclosure systems. 

The site allows the home to be set partially within the trees at the end of a curving drive through open land. Overall the timber frame directs views and differentiates spaces in this open floor plan. The design incorporates the couple’s desire for mountain-rustic style with mixed exterior materials and subtle timber elements.

Blog post:

Location: Fayston, VT
Architect: New Energy Works