Our People

Our Timber Framers

Mike Gullace Mike Basile Jake Webster Paul Plane Andy Tack Matt Hickey Darren Watson Rick Vanwuyckhuyse Mike Westgard Alexander Petit Mike Ringer Pete O'Brien Dave Parsons Jason Houtenbrink Michael Smith Curran Howell Jeremy Minnamon
Mike Gullace
Timber Frame Manager

Mike's the head of the timber frame shop. In addition to his feline sense of balance (he'll be the guy walking nonchalantly along the ridge beam on raising day), Mike has an uncanny ability to think in 3D & can come up with a solution before anyone else has an inkling that there's a problem. Mike built the home he shares with his wife & children. When free of family obligations, he can be found at one end of a fishing pole in the summer and attached to a bowstring in October.

Mike Basile
Timber Framer

Mike's love of things old school and quirky is a thread that runs through his day to day life. From his choice of tools to his vehicles — his car has its engine backwards he's got a kick starter & points on the bike — he's not afraid to take a stand against the vagaries of fashion.

Jake Webster
Timber Framer

The only member of the shop with a log-home building background and a Mr. Clean hairdo. Jake's steady hand, and carving skill is the force behind all of our timber engravings. He's also a pro at found form and putting the finishing touches on our mortise and tenon joints. When he's not swooning over his wife, daughter, and son, he and his dog Stewie often find themselves at the dry end of a fishing pole.

Paul Plane
Timber Framer

Paul came to the timber frame shop by way of our construction group and is now all grown up with lovely wife Jolene, four young boys, and a 19th century timber frame farmhouse that he's whipped into shape for them all to nest in.

Andy Tack
Timber Framer

Andy's a bit of an enigma — a quiet guy with a tough work ethic. His composed nature makes him a great team member and a skilled hunter — which until recently had occupied most of his Fall weekend mornings. Currently Andy and his wife Ashley are busy keeping up with their daughter Bristol and son Luke, while remodeling their family home.

Matt Hickey

Matt is one of the go-to guys in our timber frame group who works on all aspects of projects – from sanding each timber and mortise pocket to raising day where the timbers are joined to form the final frame. He particularly enjoys raising the frame, spending time on work sites, and seeing the team’s handcrafted art come together. Matt and his wife, Shannon, enjoy the city life in Rochester and spending time with their two Boxers.

Darren Watson
Timber Frame Champion

Darren moved from the West Coast to the East Coast a few years back and found his place in our engineering department. Eventually, the lure of the West was too strong and he soon found his way to Washington and then to Oregon where he lends his talents as our West Coast timber frame shop manager. Quick to smile with a contagious laugh, he enjoys all things outdoors and provides fierce competition to his fellow racquetball enthusiast co-workers. Darren and his wife Rachel are often moving fast in an effort to keep up with their growing boy, Tucker. 

Rick Vanwuyckhuyse

Rick can be a hard guy to catch, at least when he sees a camera. He's been crafting frames with us for half a decade. By all estimates, he has been part of over 150 of our raisings around the nation. With stints in C++ programming and property management, he is happy to be crafting with his hands, traveling, and finds much satisfaction in seeing a frame together. Rick is another musician in our ranks, favoring blues, specializing in the harmonica and guitar. He plays locally here and there to the enjoyment of many, including his wife Brenda. Beyond music and woodworking, Rick and Brenda enjoy time outdoors especially with their family canines Harlow (a lab/pit rescue) and Jamison (a Boston Terrier). 

Mike Westgard

Mike is a tenacious, bearded timber frame champion on the West Coast who believes any day he made someone smile a little bigger and brighter is a day well spent. He started with carpentry at the age of 18, then took some time off to become a sexton (that's a grave digger) but with the market shutdown in 2009, it became a dying industry. He's from McMinnville, one of our only hometown boys, though he loves getting away into the mountains for hiking and hot-springing as far as he can for as long as he can. His favorite fellow crew members of Spaceship Earth are his wife Billie Jo, daughter Hazel, son Jacob, stepdaughter Crescent Moon, and dog partner Porter.  

Alexander Petit

Alexander came to our McMinnville shop from Colorado where he studied fine woodworking at Colorado’s Red Rocks Community College. We can’t deny his skills, expertise, or enthusiasm for wood - as he says he could never pick a favorite species since they all have value depending on the job they’re being used for. In the shop he meticulously examines architectural plans and translates them, marking each timber for layout, somewhat like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We know Alexander is an excellent baker having won our annual dessert contest (we’re hoping he bakes for us on a more regular basis!). He’s also into Kung Fu and is a voracious reader. 

Mike Ringer

One of our Oregon natives, Mike brought CNC knowledge to our McMinnville mill from his previous work in a cabinetry shop. Today he handles our Hundegger CNC, loading timbers, programming, monitoring, and troubleshooting while they are milled with mortise pockets, tenons, and peg holes. Mike told us he’s always fascinated with how refined such a big machine can be. We think much of that has to do with the finesse of the operator. Along with his wife Kimberly and son Cameron, Mike enjoys the outdoors (particularly the beach) and, like several of our coworkers, is a music fanatic. 

Pete O'Brien
Leaving the world of party tents, awnings, and rough construction behind, Pete joined our timber frame group finding the craftsmanship and finer work of traditional mortise and tenon joinery much more to his liking. In his opinion, handcrafting is second only to raising a frame. We seem to be inundated with folks who love the outdoors so we were not surprised to learn that this timber framer likes hiking, kayaking, and frequents the Adirondacks. However, Pete admitted that he’s a gamer with passion for racing and marksmanship games (cat’s out of the bag, sorry Pete!). On occasion Pete puts his kayaking skills to the test, participating in our local white water Wild Water Derby - if you see him, be sure to ask about his wild rides.

Dave Parsons

Working construction on his own for several years, Dave first joined our construction team but was fascinated by the craft of timberframing and is now one of our timber framers. An active guy, Dave competes in 5K races, triathlons, spends a good deal of time on the slopes in the winter, and is constantly working on new projects. With help from his wife, he continues to renovate their home including peeled timber posts and other handcrafted elements whenever possible. We hear that recently he's begun crafting wooden paddleboards to use on the Finger Lakes. Did we mention he's always on the go?

Jason Houtenbrink

One of our wonderfully beard-y timber framers, Jason came to us from what he termed a “boring job” found after earning his industrial engineering degree, engineering forklifts. We’re glad to have him employ his technical skills and know-how to our timber frame projects and he tells us he likes being able to be precise while using his hands. Jason only has two more peaks to conquer before becoming one of the folks who have hiked all 46 peaks of the Adirondacks (known as the ADK 46ers). He also enjoys hiking the Dix Range and everything in the Finger Lakes, at times accompanied by his St Bernard, Dixie. What does he dislike? Cubicles.

Michael Smith

Mike spent some time in a remodeling business before taking a handful of years at home to raise two kids. He joined our timber frame team with an eye to shop work as diving into the details, the assembly stage, and making the pieces of the frame all work together are where his passion lies. An avid skier, Mike sticks mostly to NY and VT slopes these days but enjoys mountain biking and any time at the beach with his wife and their sons, Eamon and Tobin. 

Curran Howell

A second generation timber framer, Curran joined our team in Oregon from his home state of Kentucky, citing the opportunity to learn from our team, the natural beauty of the Northwest, and the availability of outdoor recreation as more than enough reasons to move. He enjoys the challenge that comes with each day and consistently learning new skills in the trade. Fly fishing, hiking, and relaxing with his wife, their dog (named Trout), and friends top his to-do list on the weekends. When asked about his secret superpower, with a laugh Curran told us, “I’m able to entice attractive women into marriage!”   

Jeremy Minnamon

Jeremy is learning the ropes of timber framing from our long-time craftsmen. The former Marine and soon-to-be graduate from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) likes the travel involved with raising frames across the nation. He told us he most enjoys, “...being on-site, outside. The physical aspects of working with a giant wood puzzle, and solving that puzzle, is fun.” Getting outdoors is key to Jeremy’s free time as well. Hiking and spending time in the Finger Lakes on the water, top his list. He’s also honing his furniture skills, putting time into crafting tables for friends and family. 

Mike Gullace Mike Basile Jake Webster Paul Plane Andy Tack Matt Hickey Darren Watson Rick Vanwuyckhuyse Mike Westgard Alexander Petit Mike Ringer Pete O'Brien Dave Parsons Jason Houtenbrink Michael Smith Curran Howell Jeremy Minnamon

Our Dreamers

Ty Allen, AIA, LEED AP Eric Fraser Jonathan Orpin Maxine Bromfield Mike Beganyi David Shirley Michael Hahn Sean Berman Owen MacDonald Bryan Bleier Justin Jaycox Andrew Altoft Diana Gerken Dave Cratty Kyle Zinteck Rodrigo Tome Simon Hohstadt John Nihart
Ty Allen, AIA, LEED AP

Joining us after attending Cornell & years specializing in ecclesiastical architecture at a Rochester architectural firm - Ty made himself at home in the loft next to our engineers where he heads up our east coast design/build group. Ty has a natural love for how good design helps people enjoy where and how they live. He & wife Kellie are parents of  Seth, Elijah, Nahum, and Lydia. A few other things about Ty — he enjoys cycling, keeps a busy social schedule with his family & is tirelessly updating an old farmhouse into their family home.

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Eric Fraser

Another RIT graduate — Eric went straight from school to being a mechanical engineer for an aerospace company and then to his desk upstairs where he now manages our quirky crew. He's a busy Dad, as he & Heather are proud parents of three. Fatherhood hasn't slowed him down on snowy mountains on his skis or on the muddy inclines on his mountain bike...

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Jonathan Orpin

When in his creative mode, this VIP is head of our west coast architectural team. We send Jonathan to meet with clients who are in the designing stages of their dream home process because his acute sense of room transition and home design panache are matched only by his subtle wit and crazy reading glasses.

Jonathan keeps a personal blog about his journey. Check it out.

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Maxine Bromfield

Maxine is our west coast interior designer and chooser of color, texture, shape and form. Although you can sometimes find her in clients' projects or scouting Portland, OR showrooms, you'll have better luck tracking her down if you first look for her son Jake. Maxine will be the woman about four paces behind him with arms outstretched.

Mike Beganyi

Mike left our design-loft a few years back for the sugary forests of Vermont to act as our New England Representative. The move's been refreshing and he’s found a whole new set of challenging hills for his long distance cycling habit. He & Jen manage to squeeze in a bit of personal travel once in a while but they're starting to settle with their daughters, Ava and Angelina. We expect the girls will soon learn the finer points of trail running & snowshoeing.

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or call him directly: (802)310.3546

David Shirley
Associate Architect

Hailing from TN where he worked the family fruit farm and joined a small architecture firm, David moved to Oregon to learn more on viticulture and to find a more eco-conscious way of life. He's now sharing his architectural skills with our west coast team, embracing the Pacific Northwest sense of style, and enjoying timber as a renewable building resource, particularly reclaimed timbers. Outside of the studio he plays soccer and golf, snowboards, and is planning to learn kite surfing on Hood River.

Michael Hahn

Michael Hahn lends a hand in our design/engineering departments laboring away to draw 3D images of timber frames, volume structures of homes, and even rainwater harvesting systems (including the one at The Vermont Street project). He’s a graduate of the University of Oregon’s architectural program and has worked with some of Portland’s premium names in architecture. He’s also willing to jump in on whatever needs to get done around here including mixing plaster, carrying concrete blocks, and delivering flooring. Recently he's found a niche in the CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) world working with KLH and taking part in our CLT efforts. 

Sean Berman

Coming to us from Colorado, Sean began work in our timber frame shop for hands-on training. He soon used his Architectural Engineering degree and practical application skills to move on to our NY office's engineering group. A few years back he headed west again to our Portland office, filling the role of engineering manager. Sean put his avid passion for rock climbing and snowboarding on hold while on the East Coast. Always active, today he's back at it and he's added biking and racquetball to the mix.

Owen MacDonald

A native of upstate New York, Owen ventured to Florida for a few years working as a production engineer for powerboats including racing sailboats and aircraft float pontoons. He's returned home and joined our engineering group in Farmington, NY. Owen is an avid sailor, acting as skipper whenever he can. He's happy to be close to Lake Ontario and always looking for that perfect sailing day (although he admits he is looking forward to a cold and blustery winter so he can hone his downhill ski racing skills). If he's not out on the water…actually it seems that Owen is always on the water, sailing or kiteboarding or water skiing or swimming...

Bryan Bleier

Bryan joined our engineering group after earning his degree from the SUNY Institute of Technology. He's quickly learning the intricacies of timber frame project engineering. Outside of the office he's an avid outdoorsman and enjoys anything to do on the water – fishing, boating, jet skiing, and kayaking to name a few. When the weather cooperates and there isn't a nearby body of water, he can often be found camping, hiking, or hunting. These days he and wife Jillian and their two dogs spend lots of time running both for fun and competitively.

Justin Jaycox

Justin joined us as a project engineer in charge of new business after his time serving in the US Navy. This Veteran is into art, specifically the building kind: renderings, sketching, models. When not in the office, Justin, his wife Catherine, and their two daughters are very active, love to be outdoors in any weather and in the water any chance they get - their favorite thing to do is to be in Nature. An ambitious and pleasant fellow we're happy to have added to our clan!

Andrew Altoft

Andrew came to our design team with a background in interior design and architecture, and a passport full of stamps. He lives design and feels that all old wood has a story to tell. When he’s not at his desk in our design loft or off globetrotting, Andrew is usually tackling projects at his home, mixing up cocktails for guests, or enjoying the great outdoors with his four-legged sidekick, Kairo.

Diana Gerken

Design is the name of the game for Diana whose focus falls to Interior Design and some Architectural Design within our design group. After spending time developing and engineering trade show booths for Fortune 100 companies, she tells us she enjoys the day-to-day variety, new skills, architectural knowledge, and homeowner interaction that are part of daily life around our office. She pushes the limits away from the office, trying her hand at local Autocross racing, a new favorite pastime with her husband Adam–that is when they’re not watching/attending F1 races. Diana has a variety of hobbies including singing with the Eastman Rochester Chorus, cooking, knitting, and anything outdoors (often with Ringo, the family Australian cattle dog).

Dave Cratty

Dave left the mild expanses of North Carolina to join our engineering team in the yo-yoing climate of Farmington, NY and while his southern drawl makes us all think of warmer weather, he’s no stranger to the cold as he spent a number of his teenage/college years in Kodiak, Alaska. He’s known around the office as ’the coach’ thanks to dedicating much of his time to coaching high school baseball and basketball. Dave tells us he’s always been a fan of timber homes and enjoys building furniture as a hobby along with playing basketball, golf, and scuba diving whenever possible. He recently exchanged vows with his love, Stephanie, and together they are exploring outdoor adventures in the Northeast.

Kyle Zinteck

Segueing from commercial project work to join our design team in creating custom homes, Architectural Designer, Kyle, tells us he’s enjoying the drafting and modeling of projects with similar base materials (wood, stone, etc) in stylistically infinite ways. Kyle is working towards becoming a licensed architect by workday and by weekend he’s hiking, kayaking, and skiing, often with his dog, Chelsie. Admittedly not an amazing baker, Kyle did share that he can eat a seemingly unlimited amount of baked goods and fall asleep anywhere after Thanksgiving dinner.

Rodrigo Tome

Hailing from Spain, Rodrigo brings timber engineering and construction expertise learned from hands-on experience as well as education at Polytechnic University of Madrid and SUNY-ESF. As a project engineer with our engineering team, he’s crunching the numbers and theories to make complicated timber projects a reality and adding to our quest for innovation by bringing products and technologies from Europe to our attention. Always seeking a challenge, Rodrigo speaks three languages (but is learning a fourth), is a serious astronomer (traveling many miles to see the total solar eclipse), continues to study Quantum Mechanics and Astrophysics, and when he has some spare time, he plays the guitar. He’s getting married this Summer to Natalia and shares that together they enjoy cooking and DIY projects (and astronomy too, of course).

Simon Hohstadt

Having relocated from Berlin, Germany to Washington State for an internship, Simon had the good fortune of meeting Jess–and he’s been on the west coast ever since. Now married to Jess and smitten with Oregon, Simon is one of our project engineers in Portland, using his wood science and technology education (plus cabinetmaking experience) for precise production of classic and modern timber joinery. His cheerful smile, can-do attitude, and quick learning have made him a go-to member of our team. Making the most of his western US location, Simon often hikes, camps, snorkels/dives, and plays soccer.

John Nihart

These days John's enjoying retirement, but he had surfaced from years designing trade show booths to join our architecture department for more than a decade. A sculptor at heart, we know he's spending a great deal of his free time in the art world exhibiting his work in regional & national shows. And then there are the times when he's simply away from it all - just him & wife Jamelle, daughters Alison & Heather, their dog Luca and his kayak.

Ty Allen, AIA, LEED AP Eric Fraser Jonathan Orpin Maxine Bromfield Mike Beganyi David Shirley Michael Hahn Sean Berman Owen MacDonald Bryan Bleier Justin Jaycox Andrew Altoft Diana Gerken Dave Cratty Kyle Zinteck Rodrigo Tome Simon Hohstadt John Nihart

Our Fine Woodworkers

Rob D'Alessandro Charlie Bartholomew Jay Bernard Gediminas Backus Hans Merritt Daniel Callahan Enrique Lopez Matt Darnieder Jeff Smith Anthony Terra Rick Drake Bill Devereaux
Rob D'Alessandro
General Manager

Rob's the leader of the NEWwoodworks crew and has been with us for 21 years. [Ask him about the tiny office he used to share with PMW's Michele when we were first starting out in Shortsville. Oh, those were the days!] When his wife Stephanie can pry him away from the new cabinetry shop, you'll find Rob, Stephanie, and their daredevil son hanging out in the woods of Ithaca and the shores of Cayuga Lake.

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Charlie Bartholomew

A quiet man of few words. In fact, this was about all we could muster Charlie to tell us about himself:

He has 29 years cabinet making experience, 3 children, and for a hobby he does woodturning. He volunteers as an ambulance EMT-CC & his cell phone plays Die Valkure.

Jay Bernard

With kids Caleb, Desiree, and Hunter, Jay and wife Jenna are busy parents, managing family activities and school, which occupies most of their free time - but in the off chance Jay gets a respite, you can find him camping, hiking, and doing all of those other outdoors-y type things.

Gediminas Backus

Gediminas is a transplant to American from Lithuania. He, his wife and daughter continue to celebrate anniversaries here in the great USofA. Though he still has a daughter & other family back in Lithuania whom he misses very much - he believes he's here to stay. You'll find Gediminas and his family enjoying the outdoors during the weekends.

Hans Merritt

Hans is the finishing guru on our fine woodworking team. His final touches create the super smooth surfaces on all of our hand crafted pieces. Hans enjoys several sports with his two sons – snowboarding, cross-country skiing, white water rafting, canoeing – they are currently working on building their third canoe. One of a number of musicians in our midst, Hans enjoys playing the mountain dulcimer and mandolin.

Daniel Callahan

Good employees sometimes venture off to explore different opportunities, very often they come back. As is the case with Daniel, now on his second tour with NEWwoodworks. He and his wife, and two dogs make camping, hiking and skeet shooting high priorities. Though he's considering adding a mini-donkey to the clan possibly to compliment his hobby as a Republican propagandist. We can't help but wonder if it's because he couldn't find a mini-elephant?

Enrique Lopez

A native of Argentina, Enrique joined us with an interesting background in stair, chair, and other custom furniture making for large ships and yachts. Skills that not only come in handy at the shop, but in restoring his home. Though these days he and his wife spend most of their time with their two boys.

Matt Darnieder

Matt is our CNC router guru who regularly drafts and programs all projects for the CNC. He keeps a close eye on every job’s progress as the machine is working its magic. When Matt isn’t perfecting the details of the next project running through the CNC, he works on any other jobs he can get his hands on. Outside of the shop, he enjoys fixing up his motorcycle (café racer style) while keeping an eye out for the next big bike project.

Jeff Smith

After two decades working with fresh sawn wood at a large mill near Rochester, NY, Jeff has turned his skills to our fine woodworking group, finding his groove with reclaimed wood. Jeff tells us he's enjoying time in the shop and on job sites, plus the puzzle of finding the right character, texture, and tones for each plank when crafting with reclaimed wood brings new challenges to his workmanship. Fishing and hiking are his favored pastimes outside of a busy family life with his fiance and kids. 

Anthony Terra

Anthony (Tony) joined our woodworking team after a stint in engineering and optics. “I wanted to work with my hands and learn to be more than a hobbyist woodworker,” Tony explained. “Each day I’m being trained on the job and honing my skills. It’s great!” Being part of a smaller team has also allowed Tony to take on different roles with regularity, something he much prefers over repetitive work. Tony likes to spend free time with his big Italian family or crafting wooden keepsake boxes, playing the guitar (on occasion), and hiking local trails. 

Rick Drake
Stair Guru–Retired

These days, after nearly 16 years with us, Rick is enjoying retirement. The NEWwoodworks bunch acquired Rick from the New Energy Works engineering group because they needed a Sensei who would teach them the finer art of beard-growing. We hear he's using his free-time for facial hair conversations, vintage race car fun, and even more time in the Adirondack Mountains.

Bill Devereaux
Fine Woodworker–Retired

After 29 years with us Bill has officially retired. We're going to miss him, but we know he and Charlotte have big plans to enjoy their newfound free time. Bill has the distinction of having employee #010, which makes him the 10th employee New Energy Works hired way back in 1986. Pretty darn cool. A fan of world music, literature and micro breweries, Bill and Charlotte will spend some of their time running Summerbeam bookstore while traveling the country.

Rob D'Alessandro Charlie Bartholomew Jay Bernard Gediminas Backus Hans Merritt Daniel Callahan Enrique Lopez Matt Darnieder Jeff Smith Anthony Terra Rick Drake Bill Devereaux

Our Construction Crew

Brad Hall Mark Musser Scott Powers Kevin Gilbert Wesley Rippey Jim Jepson Ashley Todd Todd Schorer Aidan Goodsell
Brad Hall

Brad has enjoyed a love of carpentry and wood since he was a boy, a passion that has earned him a living since his school days. He's a member of our construction team, though he often lends a hand in the timber frame shop or in the office supporting clients. Brad recently became a certified Passive House Tradesperson and his expertise in air sealing and the building envelope is a practice that we are implementing to continue building well-insulated and comfortable homes. He and his wife, Erin, have two children and spend their spare time remodeling their home, an old farm house in the middle of no where, yet just 20 minutes from our Farmington shop.

Mark Musser

When Mark, a member of our construction team, isn’t building homes, he’s exploring the outdoors while fishing, hiking, and camping. Much of his spare time is spent with his daughter Amelia and newborn son, Hans. Mark studied metal and wood sculpture at Alfred University, then lived in Connecticut for a number of years before returning to settle near our shop in Upstate New York.

Scott Powers

After spending 18 years in Colorado, Scott joined our construction group with a vast knowledge of carpentry and experience working with (and against) the elements. When he's not building one of our timber frame homes, he's 'just playing' with his two sons, Gavin and Ryan, stepdaughter Natalia, and wife Julie. You may also find him amongst the mountains climbing or riding the slippery slopes. 

Kevin Gilbert

Kevin is a natural fit for our construction crew – he’s a lover of all things outdoorsy and woody. Hot, cold, rain, snow, he’s conquering it all with a smile. (Kevin showed his sense of humor for this bio photo, as he "checked" the accuracy of our timber frame team's work.) His skills have been honed over the 17+ years he’s been raising homes and our team is glad to have him on their side! Kevin’s local to our Farmington headquarters having planted roots with his wife Megan, and 3 year old little guy, James, just down the road in Bloomfield, NY. 

Wesley Rippey

We like to keep to our general contracting projects to approximately 75 miles from our headquarters in Farmington. For Wes, this has proven to be just right, allowing him to ‘get out’ while continuing to enjoy living in his hometown region near family and lifelong friends. Wes has a resume of building experience which he’s able to implement and hone on each project we push his way. What does he like the most about custom building? Doing something different on the job each day. As he says, “keeps things interesting”. Living in an area with four distinct seasons, Wes makes the most of each, hiking, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and boating. 

Jim Jepson

A man of many interests, Jim started out focused on geology, physics, auto repair, photography, and home remodeling. Now a member of our construction team, Jim says our projects “Allow me to give attention to detail and feed my ingrained perfectionism.” In his barn at home these same characteristics are in play as Jim meticulously restores a John Deere 430. Our marketing team has also been known to feed Jim’s photography habityou’ve likely seen some of his images on our blog and in our social media. Stepping away from old tractors and cameras, Jim, Mary, their daughter Abi, and family pooch, Huck, frequent the Adirondacks for long family camping weekends.

Ashley Todd

Ashley relocated from South Carolina where she worked as the office manager for a construction company, to become the go-to resource for everything and anything admin related our construction team needs. The keeper of orders, finder of answers, and researcher of all things, there is always something new is Ashley’s day-to-day: “I love the ever changing work days of construction. Learning, adapting to situations, helping everyone in the field–it fits me.” A self-proclaimed child of nature, Ashley is an avid hiker and explorer. She also devours books, expresses her creativity with various crafts, and spends as much time as she can living life to the fullest with her husband, Lemuel, their faithful hound, Chance, Autumn the cat, and Maia the house rabbit. 

Todd Schorer

Todd has an education in environmental science and a bunch of experience in construction. He tells us he’s found a match with our projects as we focus on airtightness, sustainability, and environmental considerations with all of our custom homes. On the side he’s the base player in a heavy blues band. While he and wife Rebecca are hiking fanatics, they’re currently taking it easy as they’re expecting their first child (a girl) this Summer.     

Aidan Goodsell

We nabbed Aidan for our construction team as he graduated from SUNY ESF with a degree in Construction Management and immediately put him to work in the field to gain hands-on experience. Enjoying the opportunity to learn something new every day on ever-changing construction sites, Aidan has now segued into an assistant project manager role where he’s applying his knowledge (and, he shares, continuing to learn) to help to keep our GC jobs on track. He still lends a hand on-site as needed and otherwise keeps in shape hiking–he’s nearly completed the Adirondack 46 High Peaks.

Brad Hall Mark Musser Scott Powers Kevin Gilbert Wesley Rippey Jim Jepson Ashley Todd Todd Schorer Aidan Goodsell

Our Office Groupies

Jonathan Orpin Pam Remchuk Jan Boor Jen Garritano Jenny Samuel Kate Swartz Megan Larmouth Deanna Varble Cate Fabens-Jones Craig Hill Jonathan Taylor Caitlin Braun Drake Ambrosino Ed Mahosky Karen Parkhurst Steve Herrick Office Greeters
Jonathan Orpin

Grande Fromage of both NEW and PMW, J.O. spends much of his time jetting around the globe in search of the next cool project, the best sources of timbers, the next big thing.

When he's not over-working, you'll find him tooling down the muddy inclines of Victor's single track or in the West, trolling up the Willamette River, or speeding down Mt. Hood's glacier. On the home front, Jonathan enjoys the craziness of family life with adventurous & quizzical Jake River chasing after Luca-the-dog, the occasional visit from an all-grown-up Sierra, and the ever-patient Maxine who manages to keep them all in health, in love, and in line.

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Pam Remchuk
Finance Manager

A native of the Rochester region, Pam stepped in as our new finance manager in Farmington NY with positive energy and a contagious smile. Outside of work, Pam and her husband Jeremy are honing their swimming and soccer jargon thanks to their daughter Ella and son Connor’s avid interest in both sports. When she has a free moment Pam can be found shopping – she can hold her own with any bargain hunter – or jogging. Last year she ran her first 5K and we know she’s planning to conquer a few more!

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Jan Boor

Jan joined our finance group after owning and running a small manufacturing business while acting as assistant manager for the ARC. Needless to say, she can handle most anything thrown her way with ease! When asked about her free time, Jan laughs saying she and her beau Mark have "a bunch of kids!". Recently all of their free time has gone into building their home, complete with Jan's favorite reclaimed flooring (oak). That bunch of kids, Kay, Nathan, Adam, Michael, and occasionally Joshua (who is now in the Air Force), have all pitched in on the big build. Jan is also a trustee for a local public library, a good fit as she is an avid reader.

Jen Garritano

Jen is one of our finance gurus with a touch of IT obsession. She keeps us all in line and accountable for everything that needs to be paid, but also works closely with our IT provider to manage our varied and numerous IT requests. She, husband Joe, and kids Nicholas and Nicole are working to update their home - from what we understand pulling wallpaper is a fun family activity! Jen loves to cook, admits to an undying love of cheese, addiction to kick boxing, and keeps everyone (cat, dog, and fish included) healthy and happy.

Jenny Samuel
People Person

Jenny is exactly who we had in mind when we created our People Support Specialist role. With previous experience running her own business and working retail we knew she’d be great at on-boarding folks and tackling benefits - and as she told us “I love people! I’m thrilled my role is all about supporting and meeting coworker needs.” A woman of many talents, Jenny is a problem fixer (we’ve even heard her kids say “Mommy fixes everything”). Jenny is joined in life by her daughter Lucia, son Jackson, Fuzz-band Rocky the Australian Shepard, a few other dogs, a couple of cats, and whatever woodland creature her family is currently rescuing. Jenny commonly traverses the land, hiking and playing in the nearby waterfall with her family and pets, while on not-so-nice-days she’s often practicing her baking skills, much to our enjoyment! 

Kate Swartz

A localvore and native of the Finger Lakes Region of NY, Kate is part of our finance team where she’s renowned for spearheading payroll. Numbers and organization are part of her DNA. We found out that music is part of her too as she is obsessed with live music having traveled across the country to see shows (26 in total in a year, 10 in a single month!), finding Red Rocks to be the most amazing venue. She’s also a good shot, competing in  3-D archery with some impressive wins. At home Kate enjoys her cat Dinah while at the office she is “work Mom"/dog sitter to our canine work greeter, Kiaro.  

Megan Larmouth
Communications Director

After a good gallop across the countryside on her horse Jack, Megan can be found putting her creativity and multitasking abilities to work in the office. A stickler for making things happen accurately and on time, the only place she lets things slide is at the barn where she's happy to spoil Jack and all the other horses. On-the-go is a way of life for Megan and as she has her sights set on a few 5Ks (even though we know she dislikes running), she's busy working out, playing racquetball, rock climbing, and enjoying the occasional baked good.

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Deanna Varble
Creative Director

Deanna is back with our team after working in-house at Habitat for Humanity and agency-side at Dixon Schwabl. Her heart is with helping those who need it, family, farm-to-table, and anything hygge. She’s a designer and wordsmith by trade and leads our crazy creatives by filling their buckets with “pretty things”, chocolate, and high-level conversations. Win her over with your best dad-joke and a well-mixed Old-fashioned – she’ll be yours forever.

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Cate Fabens-Jones
Marketing Coordinator

Cate’s our Marketing Coordinator, otherwise known as cat wrangler and maverick of organization. She keeps things on time and in budget, all with a smile and a collection of colorful sticky notes. A boomerang to Rochester, Cate spent the last 10 years in Boston studying and working in commercial production. We’re thrilled she’s returned, not only for spoiling us with her baking but because we’re getting to travel vicariously through the photos from her adventures. (Did we mention she’s good with a camera too?)

Craig Hill
Multimedia Designer

Craig’s career experience and general artsy passion in design and illustration is in full play within his role as Multimedia Designer on our MarCom team. Previously he created web-based eLearning course graphics and developed pieces for huge annual meetings. Now he is hand writing fonts, building e-newsletters, and learning wood species. Craig may tell you his superpower is an ability to annoy anyone without meaning to, but we have to disagree. His array of knowledge from fun facts about Star Trek (any one of the series!), to little-known Photoshop commands, to enlightening us on traditional archery skills, keeps everyone interested and smiling. Off the computer, he tells us he's learning new languages, fulfilling personal fitness goals, and "being exceedingly boring". Craig, Kiki, and young Alanna enjoy other extra time with their family pups.

Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan hails from Boston but found home on the west coast with our Oregon teams. He’s happy to have left the cold winters behind but has kept a classic Boston accent, much to the amusement of our co-workers. He is passionate about all things wood and even owned his own custom cabinet shop for a time. These days he loves to get his hands dirty with our custom build projects but is also a jack-of-all-trades around the office. When he’s not doing paperwork or inhaling sawdust there’s nothing he enjoys more than being out in nature or putting together puzzles with his three year old daughter, Genevieve. As an avid hiker and off-roader, Jonathan is exploring Oregon’s ample opportunities for adventure, and we’re excited that he’s digging the west coast lifestyle. 

Caitlin Braun
Director of First Impressions

It’s Caitlin's bright and helpful voice you’ll hear when calling our Farmington office. Our Director of First Impressions, Caitlin helps our clients, vendors, and internal teams with her quick-wit, organizational expertise, innate problem-solving abilities, and calm under pressure–all with a friendly smile. As first-time parents, she and her husband Kevin are smitten with their new daughter Finley (as are our co-workers who also get to interact with Finley now and again) and together they enjoy visiting Keuka Lake as often as possible. Caitlin "loves doing crafts" especially greeting cards and wood signs. Some of her artistic calligraphy has already made its way into the office showroom!    

Drake Ambrosino

Drake came to us from his own custom building enterprise in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he now serves as our Midwest representative. Some of Drake's great pleasures include playing bluegrass music on one of his many guitars or mandolins, traveling across country in his pickup camper, relaxing by the fire with his wife, five kids and other family and friends or hiking in the woods with his troupe of dogs. His newest heart throbs are his grandkids Max & Gus in Ann Arbor MI and Charlotte Lee & Isaac in Denver CO.

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Ed Mahosky
Facilities Leader

Strange sounds coming from the head saw? Forklift in need of repair? Bathroom fan stop working? Need shelves installed? A quick call to Ed and any number of problems are quickly solved. With a natural aptitude for fixing what needs fixing and a way with all things mechanical, Ed keeps track of our various Farmington NY facilities making sure jobs can be crafted and completed without tool, machinery, lighting, or–insert roadblock here–complications. Feeding his love of open water, Ed puts everything aside to go boating, fishing, water skiing, and swimming. In the colder months, movies and music are his thing. 

Karen Parkhurst
Finance Department–Retired

Karen is now in retirement (for the second time as she spent a few days a week during her initial 'retirement' continuing to help out in our finance department). She has been a vital member of our community for 20 years. While she tries to project the personality of a pit bull, once you get to know her she's actually all warm & fuzzy. Grandchildren, amateur dramatics, boating, her duties as a Rotarian and several new volunteer positions keep her busy these days.

Steve Herrick
Maintenance Manager–Retired

These days Steve is enjoying retirement. He was our original maintenance manager way back when we were located in the old Pioneer Road building in Shortsville a few decades ago. He took a break from our shop for a few years but rejoined our team to take on a large role in getting our CLT building up and running and to streamline our energy usage. Steve still stops in to check on us and all the tools and machines he was tasked with setting up years back in our current shop in Farmington NY. A quiet one, he opens up when grandkids, big saws, or big game are mentioned.

Office Greeters
Canine Clan

If you visit us in NY you'll likely be greeted by a variety of wet noses, big brown (or blue!) eyes, wagging tails, and excited 'dancing' paws from Kairo (right), Stella (left), Rocky (center) and on occasion, Penny, Mojo, or Mikey. The same applies to our Oregon office and shop as Luca, Sherlock, Barlow, and a few others are honing their greeting skills. If you've been a long-time guest, you may remember Charlie the Golden who was our official office greeter for nearly a decade. We had to say goodbye to him, but fondly recall his dedication to paving the way for other office dogs, welcoming folks, making rounds for treats, always looking for any/every game of fetch and bountiful love for his family and friends.

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