Designing A Home

Do you have an in-house architect?

New Energy Works is one of the few timber frame companies with its own, in-house architectural design department. We keep our architects' desks sandwiched between our engineers, who have to make the frame design work and construction managers, who have to build the finished design. This level of experience and feedback ensures that our clients' projects run smoothly and communication between departments is simplified.

Do you design timber frames?

Yes, we have an in-house design department, but we also work with architects and existing plans. Check back, we have more information to come on this.

Do you have plans available?

No. It is our belief that no one plan will work for multiple projects. Not only is every parcel of land unique, there are different, specific needs to be met for each client.  Check back, we have more information to come on this.

I already have plans. Can you work with them?

Yes. We often work with outside architects. We will collaborate to blend your design with the nuances of timber framing. If you have timber frame plans our engineering department will proceed directly from those plans, crunch the numbers (loads, angles, joinery, etc.) and communicate the final output with our timberframers.

Do I have to own land before starting the design process?

We believe that the best designs can only be achieved when they work with the land as well as the occupants. Before putting pen to paper (or mouse to computer) we will visit your building site. This will help us plan everything from the best angle for the home, to lower level access, to exterior living spaces (think porches) to good fenestration to capture the views, to passive solar considerations.

Is Interior Design available for all projects?

Our Interior Design department is available for consultation throughout the project stages. While they are contracted separately from architecture or engineering, the groups share work space and always share ideas.