Build Services

In what region do you general contract homes?

Typically we general contract around three homes a year within a 50 mile radius of our Farmington NY location.

What part of the home will your crew build?

When general contracting we'll schedule the project, give you a detailed cost breakdown, procure windows, doors, roofing and finish materials and we'll supervise the subcontractors involved in the electrical & mechanical systems. You'll see us day to day on site and because our crew are wizards with wood, they'll install your interior walls, floors, trim and everything else that goes into a home.

How would I be involved during the building process?

Once a project is set-up it is not a foregone conclusion that it will run on auto-pilot. We can structure daily, weekly or monthly job-site reviews based upon the needs of an individual project. These site reviews allow our highly talented project managers to review work for compliance with the specifications and the plans. They can work with the owner to identify problem areas in the construction and keep projects moving as planned.

Do you only GC full timber frame homes?

No. Our project managers and site supervisors are highly experienced building both timber frame, stick frame and commercial projects. They are able to build/finish hybrid timberframe structures with the same precision and craftsmanship as full timber frames.

How do you determine what materials to use?

Detailed materials such as flooring, trim, paint, lighting and large materials such as siding, roofing, etc. are predetermined during the design process. We prefer high quality green materials including exterior green wrap, wood framed windows, SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), no VOC paints and more. All will be reviewed and approved by you, the owner, before construction.

How long does it take to complete construction?

This varies from project to project. Our dedication to quality construction and attention to detail, requires precision and time. Depending on project size, location, specific requirements and other factors construction can range from a year to two years.