Events & Raisings

November 21 2018, Timber Frame Outdoor Pavilion/Classroom, Rochester NY

Our team will be on site on Wednesday, November 21st to raise the new timber frame outdoor pavilion/classroom for Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN). This is part of RCN’s capital campaign efforts to create safe, accessible play with quality outdoor learning for the many children they serve.

The outdoor pavilion/classroom will act as the centerpiece of RCN’s backyard play environment, a new initiative to incorporate more natural, accessible play opportunities. The pavilion concept design was developed collaboratively with RCN, and is being supported by local partners including Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care, IDEX Health & Science, and Barton & Loguidice. The conceptual design embraces a synergy of environmental science, art, and architecture to achieve the project goals. 

“We’re very excited to see the pavilion take form and so thankful to New Energy Works for donating all of their efforts including the timber frame design, the timbers themselves, the crafting and raising of the 20’ x 30’ timber frame pavilion,” stated Tom Robinson, Landscape Architect with Barton & Loguidice. The Douglas fir timbers will support a roof system with a living roof and water harvesting technologies. The structure as a whole will serve as a 3 season outdoor education center.

The raising will happen on RCN’s Campus at 941 South Avenue, Rochester, New York on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 from approximately 8am – 12pm.

Location: Rochester ChildFirst Network, 941 South Avenue, Rochester, NY