Events & Raisings

November 11, Community Hand Raising, Mount Angel Abbey’s Benedictine Brewery

Join us for a community hand raising of the Mount Angel Abbey’s Benedictine Brewery. This modest timber frame designed by Henry Fitzgibbon of Soderstrom Architects and New Energy Works, will house the 1,500-year-old monastic tradition of brewing artisanal beer, in this case Benedictine Brewery Black Habit, Farmhouse Ale, and other traditionally brewed favorites.

Saturday, November 11th

All day (8-5ish)-—rain or shine
400 Humpert Lane NE  |  Mt Angel, OR 97362


Picture it: monks, students, community members, and the large poles of a hand raising all set against the forest and hops of the Monastery grounds.

If you’d like to participate in the community raising, know it is a full-day commitment. Email us so we can send you participant information. Note that you will not be able to physically participate without contacting us ahead of time to receive a packet and agreeing to the full day.  We hope you understand.

No need to RSVP if you would just like to stop by to observe.

Location: 400 Humpert Lane NE, Mt Angel, OR 97362
Architect: Soderstrom Architects and New Energy Works