Events & Raisings

April 26, 2017, 2PM-4PM, Design Week Portland, Crafting with Heavy Timber, Portland OR


Thinking Outside the Frame: Traditional Craft Melds with Modern Technology.

Be there to watch our team join and raise a dual purpose modern timber structure. Our makers will venture from McMinnville to hand-craft Douglas fir timbers live, at the event. The resulting shelter can be topped with solar panels, provided by our partner Snychro Solar, recycled metal, and more. The uses are nearly limitless and we like this project as an energy producer, gathering spot, and outdoor storage space.

Timber framing: big timbers, mortise and tenon joinery, wooden pegs, chisels, the iconic wooden beetle mallet - a traditional, time-tested craft that offers a plethora of design possibilities. While steeped in tradition, timber framing is a highly versatile construction method in which modern technology plays a large role. Our timber frame craftsmen, timber engineers, and designers will share their knowledge along with local solar energy solutions company, Synchro Solar.

Our event will culminate with a complete timber frame structure that we will donate to one of our local community organizations. Join us at our Portland Design Studio: 2609 SE 6th Ave, Portland OR

Note: All 'ticket fees' will be collected as donations for a local community organization.

Location: Our Portland Design Studio: 2609 SE 6th Ave, Portland OR