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January 2018, Cross Laminated Timber Home, Scappoose OR

After using Cross Laminated Timbers (CLTs) from KLH to form our fine woodworking shop we were excited to incorporate the big wooden panels into other projects. We're working again with the CLT manufacturing, design, and engineering teams at KLH, this time to raise a complete CLT home in Scappoose, Oregon. We'll be raising/joining the CLTs next week. If you'd like information or to see what's happening, let us know.  
What are CLTs? A quick description might be ‘giant plywood’. More specifically, CLTs are large wooden panels, typically consisting of 3, 5, or 7 layers of dimensional lumber, oriented at right angles, glued together. Using a crane and lulls, the panels will be lifted into place and fitted by hand. For this project, each panel is 3.75" thick. The raising will take our team 5-6 days, from mudsills to full enclosure.
Click the picture to the left to view a rendering of the panels coming together.

Location: Scappoose OR
Builder: Deform NW