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Timber framing is versatile building technique. This gallery showcases timber framing in contemporary architecture. Fewer gables, more single plane roofs, simpler volumes, and a dramatic use of glass are common components.

Long shed lines with amazing timbered overhangs. Window walls celebrating the sunset view.  Natural materials inside and out.  Great craft coupled with quality materials and efficient envelopes.  We almost want to call this the Pacific Northwest-style of timber framing, but it looks so good anywhere, that who’s to call it their own?

For the project wanting all this, but without all the concrete and steel so often associated with the “modern” feel, timber framing is perfect.

We like to say “our job is to take project inside you and bring it out and put it on paper so you can really see it.”  For some of you, what you see will be quite contemporary, indeed. Contact us today and see what your next project will look like.