Timber Frame Home Case Studies

Down Court

Part basketball court, recreation space, woodshop, guest suite, yoga room, and storage space, this large barn does it all. The mountainous site includes a renovated farmhouse as well as the barn, which together form the family's retreat. In addition to the half-court, the barn's lower space accommodates mountain bikes and outdoor gear. 34' trusses space the court and support a suspended catwalk with ladder and viewing cupola down the length of the barn. The yoga room is situated high in the silo drinking in panoramic views.

"We were blown away by the engineering and consulting experience. The onsite team of craftsmen was world-class. These are good people." – Michael, Homeowner

Architect: Cushman Design Group
Builder: Homeowner
Engineer: Sellers Treybal Structural Engineers
Professional Photography: Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography

Location: Stowe, VT