The Craft

We've often said that timber framing is "furniture to live in." Welcome to our fine woodworking division.

So it was that NEWwoodworks, our fine woodworking group was established. Now well into their second decade,  this group is 16 people strong with a 13,000 sq.ft wood shop in the first complete CLT building in New York State. They have a dossier of clients that reaches outside the realm of timber framing, a community that includes gifted builders and design professionals across the nation. 

NEWwoodworks has earned a reputation for the remarkable, the challenging, the kind of project few woodworkers would dare take on. Thanks to experience, skilled hands, digital technology, and good-old-fashioned creativity the more unique, the more difficult, the better the project. 

With access to Pioneer Millworks' entire inventory of salvaged reclaimed and sustainable wood, it is no small advantage when searching for that one special board. Our fine woodworkers, like our timber framers are seasoned veterans with a passion for their craft and a flair for design.

Visit the NEWwoodworks website to learn more.