Earth Shared

  • Made in the USA

    Our products are made entirely here in the USA in a way that's healthy for you, our employees, and the planet.

  • Solar Powers Us

    We're keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible with a 50kW Solar array (188 Solarworld, made in PNW, 265 watt PV panels).

  • Our Scraps Keep Us Warm

    We're the proud owners of not one, but two Garn boilers. These huge wood-fired heaters enable us to burn our scrap wood and heat our shop, office,and kilns. Best of all, they burn at a very high temperature, so that particulate emissions are negligible.

  • Being Part of the Community

    We're committed to being active members of our community, be that the immediate towns in which we do business, or society at large. In the last few years, we've donated money, time, materials and skill to many worthwhile organizations and causes. These include: Victor-Farmington Rotary, Office of Sustainability FLCC, Nicaragua Solar Oven Project, EquiCenter, Wild Water Derby, Sewpportive, The Borneo Project, a variety of local organizations and clubs near/dear to our co-workers, national organizations including the USGBC, NESEA, Timber Framers Guild, Green America, and more.

  • Recycled Desks

    Our Farmington NY shop used to be a bowling alley – most of our desks and break room benches are made from old bowling lanes.

  • LEED Points

    All of our products are Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) point eligible. Many points are dependent on your project and should be determined by your local LEED AP. Potential points include: recycled content, resource reuse, low-emitting materials (paints & coatings as well as composite wood) and regional materials (where applicable).


  • Sawdust Repurposed

    The sawdust we create is sold to a pellet company, and any remaining shavings are donated as animal bedding.

  • Solar Ovens & Fresh Water

    In order to combat the effects of deforestation in developing countries, where the majority of cooking fires are fueled by wood, we founded the Nicaraguan Solar Oven Project. We partnered with the Victor-Farmington Rotary to give this project the momentum it deserves. Over 200 of these low-tech devices have been provided to families allowing them to cook their food using the power of the sun, reducing the need to gather firewood. Additionally we worked with the Rotary to bring a fresh water system to the town of Salales, Nicaragua affecting over 180 familes and a school. 

  • Green Programs for Employees

    In addition to green investment options for the employee 401K, we have designated areas to encourage our employees to recycle — even to bring items from home. Everything from lights, to batteries to electronics are recycled for free. And for any employee that switches to a 30% more efficient vehicle, they'll receive a $500 gas card to make their wallets more efficient, too.

  • Carbon Footprint

    We continue to strive towards zero carbon footprint. Currently we're doing some calculations, but check back, we're sure to have our total soon.


"Our communities are made up of a variety of overlapping and ultimately interconnected groups, from very small to very, very large. For me (and probably for you too), a list of my communities includes my nuclear family, my extended family, my neighborhood, my town, my company, my industry, my country and our planet. And there are yet others like churches, bowling teams, Scout groups and on. All of these communities rely on each other, and ultimately they rely on each one of us."  ~Jonathan Orpin


Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN)

The Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN), a non-profit agency, opened its doors in 1854 and has been advancing the quality of early education and child care ever since. Their leadership, advocacy, and innovative direct services to children continues today with their Capital Campaign program for facility improvements and repairs. Part of the campaign focuses on the exterior "natural play" areas of the campus. We were excited to help design, craft, and raise a timber frame pavilion/classroom that will feature a living roof and plenty of room for learning. Our thanks to other project partners including Tom Robinson, Landscape Architect of Barton & Louidice, Lorie of Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care, and folks at IDEX Health & Science.    


Camp Good Days and Special Times Auction

A NEWwoodworks special — this wine rack was made by our furniture gurus out of reclaimed French Oak wine barrels. It shows a beautiful patina from years of holding wine, and even has an original barrel plug on the right side. It, along with several of its previous brethren went up for auction at the Camp Good Days and Special Times annual wine auction dinner, bringing a sizable donation to this worthy charity.


Victor Farmington Rotary

New Energy Works donated a custom-made bench for the Rotary-sponsored Dance for Life silent auction. It sold for about $400. Proceeds from the Dance for Life totaled around $9000 which were all donated to the Sands Cancer Center in Canandaigua to be used for breast cancer research. Since then, there's much we've done to support and in partnership with this group: The Brace Rd. Pavillion in Victor, NY; A Taste of the Finger Lakes Event; and perhaps most importantly, our combined efforts in the Nicaraguan Solar Oven Project.

Nicaragua Solar Oven Project

We're combating deforestation and respiratory ailments in Nicaragua by distributing solar ovens to families using firewood as a primary cooking fuel. Working alongside the local Rotary, we're raising awareness and funding to launch this project. Recently, we brought on board a Nicaraguan Project Coordinator, Yacareli Mairena (recent graduate of the University of Managua). She is bi-lingual and already working in the El Sauce region for its greater good. Learn more.