Renderings Gallery

Renderings are excellent in helping us understand massing, proportions, shade, and shadows, but they also help our clients understand what their finished home will be like. These images give us the opportunity to see the house and get a sense for what it might look like at completion, before even breaking ground. New 3D software allows us to rotate the structure, see the project from numerous vantage points such as the approach from the driveway or from the backyard.

In the past renderings were loose 2D hand sketches often colored in by hand with generic siding and other patterns representing cladding materials. Today's programs allow us to create 3D images and choose specific materials - from types of stone to siding to roof to windows. All play a role in helping provide a complete picture of the final home. With appropriate input, we are able to replicate site specific solar characteristics, shade, topography, and even wind/weather impact, all significant to high performance design.

Explore our traditional renderings and current rendering styles in the galleries to the left. Let us know when you'd like to discuss your project. We're always happy to chat.