Timber Frame Home Build

Our construction group is a vital part of who we are. The information they accrue during the completion of a home provides valuable feedback to the designers, engineers and timber framers, resulting in improved techniques and a better finished product.

Some of the finest craftsmen in their field, they've been building jaw-dropping homes for years and are just plain easy to get along with. They're the guys who'll schedule the project, give you a detailed cost breakdown, procure windows, doors, roofing and finish materials and they'll supervise the subcontractors involved in the electrical & mechanical systems. You'll see them day to day on site and because they too are wizards with wood, they'll install your interior walls, floors, trim and everything else that goes into a home.

The same guys who put together the thousands of separate components of a finished house are also available to handle your enclosure system, and can provide the proud new timber frame owner with walls and a roof in a matter of days after the raising.