The Vision Design Ethos

A custom design process begins with the desire to create a home that is truly unique and a symbol of artisanship that will last for generations to enjoy.  This ideology is what connects our designers and homeowners on a one of a kind journey.

Our clients bring with them various goals and desired objectives that their new home will embody. Our job is to fully uncover their vision, whether it is conscious or subconscious, and meld it with our experience as designers that are well versed in this very specific building typology. We are sensitive to the many considerations that they are challenged with while achieving an aligned vision that is intertwined with our design expertise and ethic.

Our group is composed of Architects and designers trained and licensed in architecture with a wealth of experience. Expertise in the design of timber framed structures along with a sensitivity to the subtleties and complexities of architectural design make us a very unique group. Balancing the visual with other varied design influences and considerations is our challenge.