Architectural Design

New Energy Works is one of the very few timber frame firms that employs its own in-house, full-time, professional design staff.

Under the direction of licensed architects, NEW embodies the principles of design/build in their truest application. The Design Group offers a wealth of experience in both residential and light commercial design and is fluent in the latest architectural software.

Working together with our engineering group and the timber frame post and beam shop, we can integrate architectural design, structural engineering, and timber frame joinery into a seamless operation that begins with concept sketches continues through to construction documents and well beyond raising day.

Likewise, working with our construction division we are available to interpret design intent, oversee design changes or provide design solutions for the unforeseen conditions that often arise during construction.

Here are some of the architectural services you can expect from New Energy Works:

  • We will visit your site — anywhere — to observe the views, vistas, conditions, and terrain that impact your project.
  • We will work with you to develop a design that is compatible with your needs, your site, and your budget.
  • We will confer with your building officials to ensure conformity with local codes and regulations.


Design Questionnaire


The design process often starts with our extensive questionnaire. The questionnaire is the springboard that begins the conversation about your dream home and specific family needs. It is primarily written for residential clients but can be adapted for use on a commercial project. There is no penalty for unanswered questions. We give extra credit for creative answers. For example, in response to the question' "Do you bathe with others?" one client answered, "Yes, sometimes, but never with architects."

Download the design questionnaire PDF.