Timber Frame Home Case Studies

Transformation with Integrity

What started as a timber frame boat shelter turned into a timber revolution for this family home.

The challenge was set: take the well-loved 1980's family lake home overlooking the boat shelter and transform both aesthetics and functionality. An overhaul of exterior materials and fenestration plus the addition of porches and a garage updated and reinvigorated the home. 

The homeowners built their family home over 25 years ago. They raised their children and made countless memories. Yet, the '80's contemporary design was no longer meeting all of their needs and had become dated in style. 

Our design and build teams embraced this project with gusto. Ty, head of our Design/Build groups and our in-house Architect, explained, "I think 80's contemporary homes are the best type of existing home to transform. They are often a clean slate with open volumes and simple details." Remodeling requires balance–the changes for this home were bold. "We wanted to respect the integrity of the existing home, using what was already there as a springboard to modernizing how the home looked, felt, and worked." 

A new garage and breezeway made strides towards accessible living while a refreshed porte cochere showcases what we affectionately call our "everything" truss. The same truss design is echoed on the lake side offering shelter over an expansive porch and deck. 

The incorporation of timber continues into the home. The great room features large trusses plus a timber frame "bridge" loft space. A custom staircase with open risers and a custom entry door were the finishing touches for the revitalized home. 

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Location: Seneca Lake, NY
Architect: New Energy Works Timberframers
Builder: New Energy Works Timberframers